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CGI Digital Food Weighing Kitchen Scale, Stainless Steel, Anti Thumb Impression Panel & Tare Function

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Stainless Steel


22.9 x 15.8 x 2 centimetres

Care information

Don't Use on Uneven Places

Product Description

  • Material: Premium stainless-steel panel with ANTI-THUMB IMPRESSION surface. Allows you to clean the panel easily as stains does not stick to the surface not even thumb impressions. Food items can directly be placed on the panel and its premium finishing makes it easy to wipe clean.
  • Classic Design: Slim shape with the new design, elegance and minimalism. Our new ethereal kitchen scale will leave you astonished with its style, appearance and functionality. You will be as much satisfied using it as we are confident about our product. A new addition to your modern kitchens.
  • Accuracy & Precision: Now you can cook and bake with précised amount of ingredients. Measure and perfect your recipes with our new kitchen scale. Food and ingredients measured accurately and up to a high capacity of 5 kg in 1 g, 11 lbs in 1/10 oz, 5 l in 1 ml and 175 fl oz in 1/10 fl oz increments.
  • Easy to use: Put a container on and tare it, now you just have to add items in the same bowl and can weigh it. Units can be changed by a SLIGHT TOUCH on LCD glass. Whether its gram, ounce, pound or milliliter. Keep track of your nutrition and calories with our kitchen scale.
  • Box Includes: Along with your brand-new digital scale box includes set of 2pcs lithium battery and an instruction manual that completely describes how to set up and use our product.


What makes this a great scale?

We intend to provide our customers with the best quality product. Everything about the product matters. A straightforward design focused around the essentials makes it easy to quickly weigh the ingredients you use every day. This digital kitchen scale is not only extremely accurate, but sturdy enough to handle extra-large recipes. Its elegant look will leave you astonished.  Affordable price and a durable product. Fast responsive, more accurate and well précised device. It is very easy to use and compact design makes it easy to store.


Product Information:(Rectangular)

Product size:202X218x16.3mm

1)High precision strain gauge sensor

2)stainliess steel platform

3)Backlight LCD,LCD size:53X23mm

4)Capacity: 5kg ,d=1g

5)manual on,auto off with tare function

6)Low battery/over load indication


8)Power:2pcs lithium battery

9)N.W:0.34KG G,W:0.62KG

Type: Kitchen Scale

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